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alive May. 6th, 2014 @ 12:31 am
There was a slight change in the wind, as light sank into our skins, the first crack in the dark that was born of the dawn and kept it as kin, what said the sun of the moon, across endless fields of navy and blue, would be kept the secret to be found by likes of I, and of fortunate few.

rain for dark nights Apr. 29th, 2014 @ 11:54 pm
You were privy to my thoughts,
when we walked along the stones with running water as our ambiance,
telling stories of our past,
a lasting impression left,
and right in its expectations,
vindicated in laughter,
implicated of what truly does,
the scraps of woes and heartfelt sorrows can only eat so much at us,
before even time gets bored of such...
problematic conversations..
do tell of your happiness instead,
for ones so hurt seem to be stronger in the end,
we have this gift,
you see,
we easily forget....
and we believe,
we breathe,
untethered as the wind!
a stronger stance,
not known to men that are but sad and lonely shells...
what have we to prove?
what clarity do we strive to seek that would help us to be seen...
we live a life of make believe,
a fairy-tale of mystery,
and you,
my dear,
glimpsed of this dream,
but were found wanting in your greed...
as all would slip away,
so quiet as the sun setting...
to leave your world,
so dark,
and cold,
as we,
the dreamers,
catch sun beams in our sleep.

A man among the flames Apr. 10th, 2014 @ 08:20 pm
I missed the bliss,
the forget-fullness,
the ambient orchestrations of night in this mist,
a midst the sighs,
the smiles,
the cries,
the somber look of happenings not known yet in our lives,
a plan so thin,
so jovial,
near sin,
that would take winding strides into the depths of happiness and little white lies,
so laced felt I,
embraced across the setting sun,
careless and content to let the flames extinguish every droplet of my life,
until I was whole,
as one.

Carefully Mar. 21st, 2014 @ 02:13 am
There were a few words left on the table,
face down like cards from decks,
a silent prayer that kept them there dared not to utter then,
but there was so much left un-spoken,
un-stacked in its self worth,
for all in all the greatest fall is not knowing what you deserve..
so take a breath make this a lesson,
agree to ponder less,
there's all the world and all the joy you had been looking for in the end..
perhaps you found an artifact, a capsule of happiness,
take care next time to slow your mind and not make a mess of it. 

Matthews Mar. 20th, 2014 @ 10:24 pm
I miss the scent of you hair in the morning,
all curls and bed ridden into mess,
the look of your eyes as they open at first light,
and a smile of hello that left your lips as they looked into mine,
a pretty face,
even without the makeup,
a beautiful soul,
even when your mind is not made up..
feels like I let my heart into a new chapter,
carefully rolling up my sleeves,
exposed on my wrist again as it falls into the folds of your pillows,
and I miss that green dress,
the curves of your hips as you slid into it infront of me,
a sly look on your face...
and a word or two, that i needed to hear,
i miss when you were near me.
Other entries
» Us
Maybe it's lust, or love or trust,
but there's something there that wasn't there before between us,
I with this wall would just fade,
take a step away when it didn't have place between mine and your face,
and it hurts,
god it burns,
like the ways that I yearn to just hope that it works and just know that it's stern,
and a truth,
that's what I wanted for fortune,
you were all that I needed and it feels like all I did was hurt,
But that's all just gloom,
so melodramatic,
fuck static
and feelings of being retracted,
there is care that I fear can't be let up by habbit,
it's greater than us and it feels like it matters,
what say you of love,
how dare we assume,
that all these disciples had reason to move,
and approach,
take a step in,
on what they may have never been able to comprehend,
take a risk,
give up if just once,
for no reason to pray,
i would catch you from above...
i think we may have the cure...
to not knowing of love..
» slick

Pleasantries evidently tempting to tease, you're this chocolate kind of testing when you're next to me.

» Geisha Dreams

you fell asleep in my arms again last night...
I didn't know what to do with myself,
(You left me feeling a little horny and weird)
as I watched the contour of your neck move up and down slightly against my chest
with my ever increasing heartbeat I thought I might wake you with...
for some reason you were smiling,
and all I wanted was to kiss you,
but you had my arm as a partial pillow,
and that moment, felt like love, absolutely,
I didn't wanna move for loss of this happy buzz might be as fragile as staying still...
just a few moments, i indulged in what felt like a universe being born inside of my heart
and the angel responsible laying before my eyes
those interesting pasty knees..
so I Google'd the story I told you as you fell asleep
The Moomins (The guys with the acorn, remember?)
and bought a translated version of one of the volumes in a hard cover
to secretly put on your book shelf someday.
You smiled again after I completed the transaction,
like you knew or something
but you were just comfortable I think,
and I fell asleep as well.
Smiling with you.

» R.E.M.
But does it feel the same?
I'd answer the question as one standing in the rain,
with every drop a story made,
played out upon the skin,
a glistening reminder of what walls were built..
and shattered..
for care!
that was there since I had met those eye's,
surprisingly indulgent, what did you see in mine?
to leave that smile, often present next to me,
reprieved of what old tales I could tell unhappily,
but what of us? this magnetic game of lust,
grasping firmly at our sins,
loins intertwined amass sleepless nights, again and again,
we tear at our clothes in hopes of finding where,
has lead us in her throes... but
it seems shes slown... quite a bit
near frozen, yet on fire
these desires that I just can't put out for the life of me,
pained to sleep alone.. but gladly catching up on dreams,
of you.
» bested
I keep flashing back to last nights affair
with that short green cocktail dress and your disheveled hair,
the look in your eyes as you sat there,
sipping on a water as you explained how you were healing,
hands in mine,
god in those eyes,
we talked about the gold gates and trips we would plan to see the northern lights,
and even though you won't admit it,
I think our hearts are beginning to intertwine with our feelings.
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